How to Embed Panopto Videos in a Canvas Course 

Teachers, TAs, and Course Designers can embed Panopto videos in the following areas of your Canvas course:
  • Page 
  • Assignment
  • Quiz
  • Announcement
  • Module 
Click here for step-by-step instructions

How to Add Panopto to the Course Menu in Blackboard

  1. Go to the course in Blackboard where you want to add "Panopto" to the course menu 
  2. Mouse over the "+" button located in the upper left corner on the blue course menu bar 
  3. On the drop down menu, click on "Tool Link" button
  4. Enter "Panopto" or “Lecture Captures” into the "Name" field 
  5. Click on the "Type" drop down menu and select "Panopto" from the list 
  6. Click the "Available to Users" button to allow students to see this link on the course menu
  7. Click "Submit" to add the Panopto tool link to your course menu

How to Create a Playlist of Recordings

How to View Recording Statistics

See here for instructions on how to view analytics on your Panopto recordings (who has accessed and viewed your recordings).

How to Copy Recordings to Another Folder or Course

How to Download a Panopto recording (for faculty)

1) Login to Canvas or Blackboard, and navigate to your course site that has the recordings you wish to download. 
2) Click the "Panopto" button on the course menu.
3) Mouse over the video you want to download and click the gear icon or "Settings" button.
4) On the Settings pop-up window, click the "Outputs" button located along the left hand side of the pop-up window. 
5) On the Outputs page, under the "Video Podcast" headed, click the "Download Podcast" button. 
6) Your video will now download to your computer's hard drive. 

How to Publish A Single Recording to Multiple Courses

How to Video Transcripts

How to Adjust Video Sharing Permissions 

How to Edit A Recording

How to Create Panopto Quizzes