Create your Panopto account. Faculty at Georgetown will need to have a Panopto account first before using Panopto. Simply enabling and accessing the Panopto tool in your Canvas or Blackboard course will complete the account setup. If you are NOT planning to use Panopto in Canvas or Blackboard LOGIN HERE to have your Panopto account setup.

Once your Panopto account is created you will be able to record and publish your computer's audio, desktop display and video (optional).  

  1. Download the Panopto recording software.
  2. Record and publish Panopto recordings.


The recommended way to set up your Panopto account is through Canvas or Blackboard (see instructions above). If this is not possible, staff can LOGIN HERE through the Georgetown Panopto site to have your account set up. 

Once your Panopto account is created you will be able to record and publish your computer's audio, desktop display and video (optional).

  1. Download the Panopto recording software.
  2. Record and publish Panopto recordings.


Students accounts are created automatically when accessing Panopto videos. It’s recommended that students access and view Panopto through either their Canvas or Blackboard course(s). By default, students are not allowed to make recordings using Panopto.  



What is Panopto?
Panopto is a cloud-based lecture capture service that replaces services previously provided by Echo360. The Panopto recording software can be used to capture audio, video and computer desktop displays, which can then be published online and viewed over the internet. Recordings in Panopto are viewable on most web browsers and mobile devices.  Panopto is available to faculty, staff and students at Georgetown. 


I am supporting an instructor, how can I get access to Panopto?
Panopto user permissions and course folders are inherited from Canvas and Blackboard. If you need to create, upload or access Panopto recordings, the instructor of the course can add you to Canvas in one of the following roles: Teacher, TA, or Course Designer. See more details about Canvas roles
I don’t see Panopto recordings in my course. 

I don’t have the correct rights/permissions to record, share or view Panopto recordings. What should I do?
Contact panopto@georgetown.edu for assistance. 


Can I create a Panopto recording if I am not currently connected to the Internet?
  • Yes, however the initial installation and setup of the Panopto recorder requires an internet connection.  So before recording offline you must have an internet connection and login with your NetID to the Panopto Recorder. 
  • With Panopto’s offline functionality, you can record audio, video, screen images, or PowerPoint slides even when you do not have network connectivity.
  • The system will capture the content and store the material locally on the recording computer. 
  • Once you restore network connectivity, choose a destination folder for the recording, and start the upload to complete the process. 

What is the PowerPoint option on the Panopto recorder?

Selecting this option (and unchecking capture main screen) will only record the PowerPoint window on your computer. It will not record other content displayed on your screen.

  • NOTE: In order to properly record PowerPoint presentations, after you have launched PowerPoint, you must have it in full-screen presentation mode.
  • NOTE: If you only select the PowerPoint recording option on the recorder and the PowerPoint contains motion on the slide, embedded video in the slide, or someone is annotating over the slide, then screen capture must be selected to be able to capture that content.

Can I capture my Keynote presentations and what version can I use?
Panopto can capture most Keynote presentation. For more details, see Panopto Keynote Compatibility. 


 I don’t see my course listed as an option to publish or upload my Panopto recording.
 Check to ensure you have enabled Panopto in your Canvas or Blackboard course. 
Can I upload a video file from my computer hard drive such as a .mp4, .wmv, .mov, etc.?
Yes. First enable Panopto in the Canvas or Blackboard course where you want to upload the video file from your computer. 
If the Panopto recorder isn’t open on the desktop, will my recording still upload?
  • If you are using the Windows recorder, yes. The Windows recorder has a background uploading service that will transfer data to the server as long as the recording computer is on.
  • The Mac recorder does not have this service at this time. 


How do I share Panopto recordings?
Panopto is now built into your Canvas and Blackboard courses.

How do I embed a Panopto recording in a course?


How do I copy a recording so the same recording appears in multiple courses? 
See here for instructions on how to copy recordings

How do I move / copy multiple Panopto recordings from one course to another? 
How do I view recording statistics (see who has accessed and viewed your recordings)?
Yes, this is possible. See the help article here for instructions.
What are the permission levels in Panopto and what can they do?
From highest to lowest permissions levels:
Can I schedule a Panopto recording?
Contact your classroom support group to confirm the classroom you teach in can be scheduled and recorded by Panopto. Also consider including panopto@georgetown.edu in any scheduling request.